Forensics: Producer of moody, haunting dubstep. Runs Methodology Recordings. Releases on a range of other labels, including Eight:FX & DubKraft.Tracks played by Aquasky, Plastician, MRK1, Horsepower, Macabre Unit, Joe Nice, Bobby Friction, Pathaan, Jus Wan, Kion, Crises.
Tracks by Forensics
Co-founder of the Ruffnek Diskotek club night.

Collaborated with Kulture, Phaeleh, Indi Kaur, Juakali, DZ, Atki2, Threnody, Demon, Kuoyah, Substep Infrabass, Alien Pimp, Wrexile, China~, Two Oh One, Grooki, This One, Tommy Lexxus, Not In My Name, Paul Domino, MrJo, Rhythmical Thinker, Patchwerk Man. Involved in a number of other projects, including A Bridge Far Away & The Divided Circle.
DJ’d alongside Loefah, Benga, Kode9, Plastician & Skepta, Hatcha, Distance, MRK1 & Virus Syndicate, Joker, N Type, Geeneus, RSD, Gemmy, Elemental, Pinch, Scuba, Ital Tek, Peverelist, V.I.V.E.K, Drop the Lime & Mathhead, Bass Clef, Headhunter, Appleblim, Rossi B, Cluekid, Synkro, Oneman, Jakes, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Moving Ninja, Sukh Knight, Geiom, Milanese….