EIGHTEEN NIGHTMARES AT THE LUX are a young rock n roll band who have been setting stages alight around the UK with their energetic and unpredictable live shows.

The four gentlemen have forged a reputation by their infectious blend of catchy riffs, banging beats, fuzzy bass and clever changes which have injected a breath of fresh air back into the live music experience.

With four releases already under their belt, Eighteen Nightmares at The Lux are happy to announce their latest and most realised release to date with their single ‘Mother of Girl’.The track ‘Mother of Girl’ hits you like a sawnoff shotgun, from the cheeky intro straight into the fat bassline, once the big drums and fuzzy guitars kick in we have lift off into Garage Rock heaven.

The single also features smoking hot from the studio a corking B-side entitled ‘Law Breaking Blues’. The trackopens with a bluesy harmonica and ‘Doorsesque’ verse which soon descends into a rip roaring all out racing, rock anthem.

The launch party for the single will take place on Wednesday 27th June where the band will headline the free entry Death2Disco club night at the Nottinghill Arts Club. This will be followed up with a festival appearance atBlissfields on the 30th June.

Their EP is due out later this year. We can’t wait!