What happens if you combine star producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Sparrow, the one-woman driving force behind Doctors & Dealers, in a studio and close the door for a month? You get the Trouble EP and the upcoming album, Every Sinner Has A Future.
Gordon Raphael, who had been following the career of Doctors & Dealers with great interest since the release of her earlier albums, Confessions of a Drunken Mind and Lost Friends and Newfound Habits, was quick to take Sparrow under his wing when the time came to record album number three.

The only outline that they had throughout their recording sessions was to make an album that sounded like Chicago, if it were directed by Tim Burton — and they accomplished the goal with fervor.
To get the shabby, disheveled sound that they wanted, Gordon, Sparrow and Doctors & Dealers’ long-time collaborator Anders Lager chose to forego hiring session musicians in the studio. Instead, they played and recorded every instrument themselves, from 12-string guitar to tuba.

The result, to quote the producer himself, was “classic, quite fantastic.” With her twisted playfulness and dark cynicism, Sparrow takes us with her on a trip down the rabbit hole and Trouble EP is a taste of what’s to come with the release of Every Sinner Has A Future, out in spring 2011.

So ladies, put your feathered headbands on and gentlemen, find your wingtip shoes, and everyone knock three times on the speakeasy door to be let inside.

Trouble EP out December 10th