Turkish born artist Djanan Turan releases her UK debut EP ‘Artigo’. A collection of poignant and exhilarating songs, co-produced with London-based producer/drummer Tansay Omar (Bjork, Lokkhi Terra, Smoke City) and featuring contributions from various musicians from the London underground including Raz Olsher (ZeJ / Fossil Studios), Sam Ritchie, (Sam and the Womp) Paul Tkachenko (Shekoyah) and Ernesto Estruch, (Ska Cubano).This collection of 4 tracks with a bonus Turkish track (Cikis Var), is a hypnotic and sometimes spellbinding blend of catchy ‘pop’ hooks with a deeper more sincere lyrical harmony. Cynical and optimistic, and sometimes deeply comedic, the tracks sit perfectly together as a unique collection of kooky and playful songs.“She has an amazing song writing ability that is instantly infectious and only grows ever more intriguing over time.” DJ CousCous (Lizard Stage)