Check out Canadian born and bred, Damian Cox, an amalgam of music combined with science and a geographical wanderlust.

His new track ‘Freaks’ is available as a free download and although Damian likes to leave his songs open to interpretation he says that its about “the fine line between genius and madness.”…
Cox’s love of science and his desire to improve the world’s state of health, took him on journeys most people can only dream about, to the most far flung places on the globe.

Vast musical and lifestyle influences continue to contribute to Damian’s approach to life ‐ eastern philosophy and practices, with cultural observation becoming dominant factors.

Bryan Adams band and platinum selling band The Odds (also Warren Zevon’s touring band), play on Damian’s forthcoming double A side release – Freaks / Dying With Buddy Holly and was co-produced by Keith Wilkinson (ex-Squeeze) and mixed by John Cornfield (Muse, Razorlight, Supergrass, Oasis).

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