FAME Presents: Claude Monnet

Claude Monnet, possibly France’s most respected, revered and experienced underground DJ returns with his new single ‘I’m Freak’, a bubbling, skipping house-soaked track, destined to be rinsed in the club, in the car or anywhere you feel the funk coming on strong.
Claude’s original mix offers up light percussive snares, mixed through with major tonal sounds, chopped vocals and a fat pumping beat at the drop.

As to be expected, Claude cherry picks the best from the world’s of house and disco, melding them into an instantly recognizable sound that offers a unique taster for fans of all electronic music.

The remix duties come from Uner with ‘Slap’, who piles on the bottom heavy sub in a subtle, summery fashion, that wraps up pulsing basslines that are akin to the Pryda camp, and Francesco Tarantini who strips the track back to uncover its disco-funk roots, with high end piano synths tickling your eardrums, swooshing sweeps and a summery vibe that refuses to die – even in the coldest of the winter months.

Last up comes Graham Sahara’s remix, pitching an instant feel of techy-industrialism from the get go, subtly bringing the tune down a notch before kicking in with a formidable skip and an uplifting synth line, keeping the disco firmly in check.

Releasing through his respected Analog Records label, the Parisian master of electronic bliss offers this latest single lovingly to the world of dance music.

It re-affirms his position as one of France’s leading tastemaker DJs, whilst introducing the world to the fresh, raw and talented sounds of the future. Sit back, listen and enjoy.