Major label reject Brian Storme goes the diy route with free song ‘Drinking It Up’. Brian says his main driving force for going solo has alot to do with the rejection he has faced as an up and coming artist.The north london MC/producer Has already had specialist support from kiss,1extra, rinse fm and his last single ‘messed up’ was given 7* rating from DJmag.

The new song ‘Drinking it up’ is one he wrote and produced. Brian says “I had the idea for the hook after i spent most of the summer partying. It was like 3.30am on a sunday and i was thinking to myself im always out @ this time week after a week. Its something that a majority of people do or have done so i feel everybody can relate to this kind of a song.”

The video was shot @ jacuzzi film studios, London and its a simple but effective video supporting the song.

Brian Storme – Drinking It Up by BrianStorme