Be prepared to be seduced…Ethereal Pop/Rock duo Blind Benny (Jade and Jonathan Carmelli), will sweet-talk its way to your heart and walk away leaving you reeling with bittersweet agony and wondering why you hadn’t discovered them sooner.The celestial single ‘No Honor’ is taken from their debut EP coming out in September.
“I’m obsessed with human behavior. I live vicariously through everyone.” says born and raised New Yorker Jade, principal songwriter and vocalist of the duo Blind Benny.“Our goal is to make the kind of ‘headphone music’ that moves you; the music you listen to when you want to feel something.

We are less concerned with the flavor of the month. When you come and see us live, we throw you the hardest most intense live roller coaster of emotions you can handle.

It’s nothing personal…excuse us, it’s all personal.”