Bitter Ruin release their new single Trust on Oct 3rd.Bitter Ruin formed in 2007 in Brighton when Ben Richards and Georgia Train met at music school.

Although the pair understood each other musically, their dramatically opposing musical tastes helped form the unique sound of the band.

Georgia had a history of Musical Theatre and Art, she listened to the likes of Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor and The Talking Heads whereas Ben preferred Rock, with the occasional tortured writer; Jeff Buckley and Metallica. Bitter Ruin themselves describe it as ‘Contemporary Expressionism’ meaning that the style of music will change continuously as the lyrics, emotion and purpose of expression does.

The most important feature of the music is it’s passion and musical intelligence. The only unifying theme between songs is the lyrical tendency towards the darker side of life and the naked instrumentation. Bitter Ruin are attracted to the tortured souls and angst within many hard done by and they like to belt it out with the power of Aretha Franklin.

Described by others as Noir, Indie, Rock, Punk, Cabaret, Folk, Soul, Musical Theatre, Flamenco, Classical and so many more sub genres has helped Bitter Ruin pick up fans from the most unlikely of places. Bitter Ruin ask you to listen and make up your own mind. “We don’t mind what people want to call us, as long as they GET IT” is the band message.

Tour dates : Aug : 25th – HMV Picture House, Edinburgh with Amanda Palmer / 26th – The Arches , Glasgow with Amanda Palmer / Sept : 1st – Brighton, Concorde 2 with Amanda Palmer / 2nd – London, Heaven with Amanda Palmer / 5th – The Cluny, Newcastle with Duke Special / 7th – Glee Club, Birmingham with Duke Special / 9th – The Donkey, Leicester with Duke Special / 13th – Le Sentier Des Halles, Paris / 15th – Stereo, York / 17th – HMV Institute, Birmingham with Joe Black / 18th – Pup Aid, Brighton (pet charity festival) / 20th – The Sugar Club, Dublin / 22nd – The Brunswick, Brighton / 23rd – The Spice of Life, London