Fame Presents: Birdeatsbaby

Brighton-based Birdeatsbaby release the title track from their upcoming album ‘Feast of Hammers’ on 7th November 2011. Inspired by The Hills Have Eyes and Sleepy Hollow, the video for ‘Feast of Hammers’charts a collective of ‘freaks’ living in the woods who somehow discover Birdeatsbaby using a TV they’ve acquired through nefarious means… Feast of Hammers by Birdeatsbaby
Watching the band playing in masquerade masks sparks an obsession that consequently sees them fashioning their own distorted, horrific versions of the masks and then capturing the band, dragging them into their woods to torture and kill them off one by one. Gruesome, surreal and not for the faint-hearted.

Working with renowned producer Jason Rubal (Dresden Dolls, The Cure) helped Birdeatsbaby to exercise their dark musical demons in a bigger, more defined and confident way.

‘Feast of Hammers’ brings epic-scale visions to life, adding sonic layers to the music through the use of guitars, feedback and brilliant arrangement. Combined with singer Mishkin Fitzgerald’s ethereal vocal and neo classical instrumentation, the resulting track is eerie, delicate and beautiful, yet powerful in equal measure.

BIRDEATSBABY Single Release: ‘Feast of Hammers’(B-side: ‘The Sailors Wife’)
Release date: 7th November 2011 – Label: Dead Round Eyes Records
Live Dates:
29/10/11 Belfast – Auntie Annie’s Bar -44 Dublin Road.
30/10/11 Dublin – The Grand Social -35 Lr Liffey Street.
18/11/11 Margate – Kent Westcoast Bar -3-5 King Street.