Ben Jaimen1Los Angeles-based with roots in Berlin, exciting newcomer multi-instrumentalist Ben Jaimen shares ‘Satellites’ (out now), a catchy number from his upcoming debut EP, ‘Through The Universe’.

Raised in Berlin, now living in L.A. by way of Bordeaux, Tel Aviv, London and Buenos Aires…Ben explains: “Satellites’ is a representation of all songs that I write because it’s fun and it feels good. My purpose in writing the Though the Universe EP was to find a commonality or an energy that carries over though every song. As I write, I am thinking about the emotion of the song and how it makes me feel and I want to make that connection. I want it to be magical. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fast or funky song, or even a slow song… each song has its own individual magic that makes people feel good.”

Jaimen adds: “Satellites’ represents the whole EP and represents me as an artist because it includes so many topics that I like to talk and write about. It’s about a universal love. I want everyone who listens to “Satellites” to have their own of interpretation what kind of love it is.”