Ben and Jamie Hazelby are extraordinary young men. Aged 17 and 14 respectively they’ve already had a hit record and raised over £80,000 into the bargain for their local hospice.They’ve appeared on TV, they’ve recorded with Stuart Epps (Elton John etc) and they’ve sung with Chris De Burgh.

The hit was “Lonely Sky” and it even engendered its own rival cover version.

Now, working with the same producer again, they release their second single on Lonely Sky Records – “Broken Wings”. Available by download from April 4th it’s distributed by RTD through Universal Music.

Ben and Jamie’s story is already well known. After their Mum Gill died of cancer they and their father, Paul, decided to raise money for their St Anne’s Hospice in Cheadle.

Noel Edmunds got to hear about the boys and surprised them by inviting them onto his Christmas Sky 1 show ‘Noel Edmunds Presents’. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Ben and Jamie were invited by the show to record their own version of “Lonely Sky”, a Chris de Burgh song which had been their Mum’s favourite.

The recording was to be a surprise gift for Paul. But, as they met the producer at the studio, Chris de Burgh himself turned up to join in. The song was later released as a single shooting straight into the charts.

“Broken Wings” proves undisputedly that Ben and Jamie are not just one hit wonders.

With musical talent in spades and good looks and youth well and truly on their side, Ben and Jamie look set to be around for many years to come.
Released April 4th 2011, Lonely Sky Records

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