Bahar Canca is a new force to watch out for in the vast world of EDM. Equipped with a strong personality, barrages of key DJ support and a finely honed sound that fully places the sex appeal back into tech-house and techno-funk, Bahar and production partner Matt Williams offer up a tasty treat.
This release follows on from their first two impressive EPs: ‘Latino Girl’ and ‘Ney/ Better Than Sex’, both of which enjoyed huge DJ support from the likes of Juan Kidd, Popof, Jesse Voorn, Michael Gray, Kid Massive, Flash Brothers, Moussa Clarke, and DJ Jean.

Lead single ‘Think Twice’, delivers a big, melodic tech-house experience whilst managing to explore a more bouncy, playful and driving corner of the techno spectrum.

With a captivating and soulful vocal hook, layered over trippy mind-warping synths, and sporadically manipulated by Bahar and Matt to tease and tear up parties worldwide, this huge track will no doubt feature as a staple in DJs diets everywhere.

Funky, energetic, four-to-the-floor fare, establishing this track as the all-important club banger it was always intended to be.
On the flipside, we’re graced with two remixes from techno big-boys Channel X. The first is a vocal mix that can be readily identified by keeping one’s ears pricked for a twisting, perverted and bouncing bass line.

The intermittent use of infectious melodic strings and brass tweaks and hooks throughout – complimented by a percussion section – provide some tastily textured additions.

It all adds up to an equally ferocious remix, more than deserving of basking in the glory already set out by Bahar and her infectious production qualities.

”The Serious Mix” Bahar Canca 2o1o by Sub Bubble

‘Think Twice’ is the 3rd Release from Sub Bubble recordings, the label owned and run by Bahar herself.

Sub Bubble Studio’s is also the recording wing of the label, offering a space for Bahar to work her magic, but also to invite the cream of the musical crop into a top of the range studio. More information to follow on all updates soon.

The single will be released on 19th December 2010.