Antlered Man released their video for their debut single, Surrounded By White Men through Something Nothing out the 18th April 2011.Danny Fury (guitar), Damo Ezekiel Holmes (vocals), Sam Ray (Bass) and Oliver Parker (Drums) are the core members that started the group in early 2009.

The quartet cut their teeth playing in various rock/punk bands before coming together to create what can only be described as something oddly complete. Also in the ranks is Sarah Townsend (flute).

Ferociously heavy yet wonderfully harmonic; the logical conclusion of a whippet-thin skinned, quick tempered environment and all those forced to dwell in one.

Antlered Man offers a fusion of aggressive riff-driven guitar and delicate orchestral sounds, influenced by the likes of Melvins, Trail Of Dead, QOTSA, Dead Kennedy’s and the deadbeat hero, Doug Stanhope.
Debut single Surrounded By White Men is a classic slice of f****d up rock.

Rolling drums, heavy as f.. distorted bass and hypnotic guitar. All overlaid with a vocal Jello Biafra would be proud of. The track builds into a frantic conclusion sure to be a live killer. Surrounded By The White Men is self produced.

Antlered Man live:
Monday 21st March @ The Barfly
Wednesday 23rd March @ Hoxton Underbelly
Friday 25th March @ The Enterprise
Thursday 21st April – SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

Surrounded By White Men is set for release on the 18th April 2011. For more information and a free download of Platoono of Uno visit www.antleredman.co.uk