London based ‘Alt-folk-rock psych-indie calypso-country soul’ group The ‘A’ Train released their new EP ‘Beginning’ via Vantage Room Records.
Comprised of songwriting brothers James and Dan McKean, bassist Ben Hooton, and drummer Ben Handysides, they played their first gig at London ’s Water Rats in 2008.

From the first synth gurgles of slow-build opener “The Hippopotamus Hunt”, to the stately, world-weary gospel of the closing “Morning Dream”, The ‘A’ Train’s new “Beginning E.P.” finds the group in confident mood.

As with previous singles “Black And White Memories” and “Don’t Have Far to Go” the band draw on myriad influences; from early 20th century gospel through to the current crop of Bella Union bands.

But the songs on the “Beginning E.P.” showcase a finer blend of those influences than the group’s earlier releases, as The ‘A’ Train begin to forge their own voice.

Check the calypso pop “Moon Water” (video on youtube) with its lingering trace of their earlier country sound, or the electro touches in the spacey rock of “Advantages”.

Comparisons could be made with various groups; The Acorn, Elbow, Villagers. But The ‘A’ Train’s mix of Americana , Brit rock, gospel and calypso is largely their own.

The “Beginning E.P.” is released to download from Vantage Room records and physical copies are available at all of their live shows.

Catch The ‘A’ Train Live:
Feb 25th – Bull & Gate, Kentish Town Road , London NW5