By Frank Bell

If highly infectious, mood lifting indie-pop is your kind of music, then we have just the band for you. American natives, currently based in Colorado, VYNYL serve just that and illuminated their ability to do so in their single Quite Like You released just a few weeks ago. Hooked on the track, we were keen to find out more about this budding band, their future plans and when we could hear more of their distinctive brand of alt-rock-indie-pop…

Hello VYNYL! We love your new tune Quite Like You – can you give us a bit of background on the track?

Quite Like You stems from the fear of never finding love again, and all the uncertainty and pain that come after a big breakup. Every relationship is different, and no one loves quite the same way. We wanted the track to highlight and reflect all the complicated, bittersweetness that comes in that

Describe VYNYL in three words..

Sad Boi Pop

As a band, where do you find you source most of your musical inspiration from?

The Cure, David Bowie, The 1975.

Tell us a bit about the music scene where you’re from…

The Denver music scene is really special to us because its a tightly knit group of diverse artists that are incredibly supportive of each other. We’re incredibly grateful to have played a variety of venues across Colorado with great support from our local community and fellow musicians. The talent out here is impressive and both challenges and inspires us to push the bounds of who we are as artists.

Do you have any plans to come and play in the UK?

Since many of our heroes are from the UK it has always been a dream of ours to tour there. It’s a priority for us, and we’re optimistic for what the future holds!

What is to come for VYNYL in 2021?

Our new EP, The World Is On Fire and I’m Lonely is due for release early 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! We’ve spent the better part of this year writing, recording, and developing these songs; We’ve pushed our musical boundaries and are really proud of how we’ve
grown as artists.