FAME MEETS: Grunge-Pop powerhouse SACHA

With raspy vocals and bold production, it’s hard to miss a SACHA release and her latest single “Bad To Your Body” is exactly why – a track about lust, desire and physical connection, its pull is just as magnetic as the artist behind it. As an artist with only two releases under her belt, SACHA is undeniably leaving a dent with her hard-hitting gnarly-pop singles which is why we were keen to sit down and have a chat with her about her journey in music so far and what’s to come.

1. Hey SACHA, nice to meet you! Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is SACHA. I’m a Scottish singer-songwriter based in London.

2. We love your new single “Bad To Your Body”, can you tell us a bit about the track?

It’s one of my favourite tracks I’ve ever been a part of writing! I’m a super forward person, not much is off-limits, so when I approach writing my music I’ll pretty much cover anything that’s relevant to my life at the time – BTYB was written about making your lust towards a partner or love interest known! I wrote it with the wonderful Jonny Hockings and was lucky enough to have my two favourite producers Lewis Gardiner and LAWRENT work on the track also!

3. What was the writing process behind the track?

We came up with the concert at the start of the session and the song wrote itself really quickly – I write alone a lot especially for my own project, but Jonny’s writing is just absolutely incredible and his ideas are so unique, I was honoured to write this track with him! 

4. What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

I love dark, grunge, gritty pop music, not your typical pop princess type of sound, and I hope this is what my music is portraying! I feel like it’s important to me to release music about my life experiences, which tend to be about making mistakes, whether that be in relationships, work, or just day to day life! I have music in the pipeline that I’ve written about cheating on someone… being cheated on… my terrible picker when it comes to men! Nothing is really off-limits and I feel sharing these experiences people will be able to relate as in reality most of us have experienced these sorts of things

5. What is your favourite thing about being an artist? And what is your biggest driving force behind making music?

I feel like from the writing aspect of being an artist, we’re quite lucky we can use our songwriting process to really open up about what we’re going through, it’s almost like therapy getting all your feelings out and turning it into something other people can enjoy and relate to! 

My biggest driving force behind my music would be the fact it’s literally the only thing in life I feel I’m good at!

But on a serious note, my mum is definitely a huge inspiration and driving force behind me pursuing my music career, she left school at 14 and started her career as a hairdresser, she never stopped and has created an incredible career for herself and that’s always encouraged me to chase my dreams! 

6. What’s in store for SACHA in 2022? 

I have a lot more tracks I am dying to release in the pipeline! I’ve been working on a few dance tracks over the last few months that I am super excited about – I’ve managed to stay true to my sound as an artist but be able to merge that with dance!

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