FAME Competition: Find The Golden Ticket To Win Every Song In The Chart

FAME magazine and The Big Top 40, with Rich and Kat, present: the Golden Ticket competition!

The lovely Rich and Kat

You could win a download of every song in this week’s Big Top 40 Chart.

Listen Out For Usher - OMG

Each week we’ll be hiding a Golden Ticket deep within the online world. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled across forums, blogs and crucial Big Top 40 hotspots such as Twitter and Facebook.

When you find the golden ticket, on it you’ll see the name of a song and an artist. You’ll then need to listen out to the Big Top 40 show on Sunday between 4-7pm and when you hear that song played.

In addition to the weekly prize there is this amazing monthly prize : one winner will be selected to attend an exclusive performance from a Top Ten artist!

How to listen to the show: www.bigtop40.com/help/how-to-listen