Faithless And FIAT First Prommercial

Music video for Faithless provides a revolutionary new advertising vehicle.
Following the announcement of a creative partnership between Fiat and dance act Faithless, details of their first exciting collaborative project have been unveiled.

In a move set to transform the way creative forces operate in the market place, the partners have produced a three-minute promotional video for new Faithless single ‘Feelin Good’ which will also serve as a TV advert for Punto Evo.
The full length video exclusive of ‘Feelin Good’ will be a Big Brother ad takeover screened on Sunday 15th August (Channel 4).

Fiat has booked out the ENTIRE 3 MINUTE ADVERT BREAK for 9pm.

Viewers will simultaneously witness the launch of the World’s first music Prommercial – a hybrid of promotional video and TV commercial. After the initial video premiere, the Prommercial will run as a direct 30-second cut of the original music video until 12th September.

Marking yet another first for Fiat, the creation of a commercial TV ad that is a direct cut-down of a music video has never been done before – a claim substantiated by the IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising).

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK said:
“We’re thrilled to be launching the first ever music/brand ‘prommercial’.

No other car brand has co-created a music video where the story has been written with the car and band as equal partners, both as important as each other to the plot.

The video is really fun and uplifting and we hope it genuinely does leave people ‘feelin good’.

Faithless said:
“We’re always looking at new ways to get our music to different audiences and exploring new ideas.

The idea of showing our latest video on TV during an ad break is a first for us or any other band.”

Set to be one of the biggest music video productions of the year, the plot follows the extraordinary night of a young man and woman, whose incredible dance moves begin to attract the attention of fellow clubbers.

It soon becomes apparent that the dancers’ moves are being directly affected by the movements of stylised dolls in the form of Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss, hanging from the rear view mirrors of separate Fiat Punto Evo’s.

As the cars navigate the dark city streets the dolls’ movements become more erratic and our dancers’ moves even more unbelievable.

Inspired by the track’s lyrics, performed by Dido and Maxi Jazz, the video follows our dancers as they are awakened and energised by the car’s journey through the city.

As part of the campaign, Fiat is launching a limited edition ‘Feelin Good Punto Evo’ that comes fully equipped with the Blue&Me entertainment system, Start&Stop system, metallic paint, 15″ alloys, sports bumper, rear spoiler, dark tinted headlights, adaptive cornering foglights. 3-door available for just £9,595.
The car also comes with the test drive incentive of a free 2GB MP3 player and a copy of Faithless album ‘The Dance’, including an exclusive track, to anyone who test drives the Punto Evo before the 21st of September.

At a time when traditional promotional techniques are proving less effective, Fiat has conceived an innovative method of reaching new markets.

And it’s only a matter of time before other trend-savvy companies pick up on their lead.

The move also raises hope into an ailing music industry, where artists can no longer rely on record labels for financial support.

As forward thinking companies shift their focus to the arts, a new breed of business partner has emerged.

Fiat and Faithless have created a new concept in music and share a creative vision to deconstruct existing modes of practice.

More open-minded, fresh and adventurous music projects will surely be the result.

Faithless new album The Dance out now