Experience the vibrant sounds of Dutch ensemble Imaginarium with their single ‘Gabobo’

"That is the goal of Imaginarium, to intertwine the worlds of Jazz, Dub, and club culture"
15 March 2024

Following the success of their tracks Airloop‘ and Kaleidoscope, Dutch eclectic ensemble Imaginarium continues to push boundaries with their latest release, Gabobo.

The track is another electrifying slice of their neo-jazz sound, lifted from their stunning debut album. Released via Sundown Records, the track showcases Imaginarium’s mastery in crafting captivating soundscapes, featuring unconventional 5/4 time signature drums and an interplay of keys, bass, guitar, and lively brass. Transitioning seamlessly between structured melodies and spontaneous instrumental solos, the band’s exceptional skill shines through.

The new album exudes euphoria, vibrant colors, and a sense of liberation, highlighting exceptional musicianship with tightly structured riffs and improvised instrumental breaks. Anton elaborates on the project, stating: ‘The Imaginarium is a place where reality and fiction fuse into one. That is the goal of Imaginarium, to intertwine the worlds of Jazz, Dub, and club culture.’

Leading the ensemble is Anton de Bruin, a renowned producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist recognized for his work on Disney+ series and collaborations with esteemed acts like Dragonfruit and the Peter Somuah Group. Imaginarium comprises Peter Somuah on Trumpet, Jesse Schilderink on Tenor Sax, Milan Boone on Guitar, Joop de Graaf on Bass, Thijmen Molema on Drums, with Anton de Bruin handling Keys & Production.

Having garnered acclaim from European tours and international airplay, as well as inclusion in major Spotify and Apple playlists, Imaginarium solidified their presence in the music scene with their live performances throughout Holland in 2023 and the success of their singles and album.