Experience the captivating sound of Rachael Sage with her new album ‘The Other Side’

Every song takes you on is a mesmerizing and emotional ride that's both stunningly beautiful and incredibly moving.
9 September 2023

Get ready to dive into Rachael Sage‘s 15th studio album The Other Side. It brings you into her music realm, through a stirring and fascinating journey through a landscape of emotion and resiliency.

The latest offering from this sparkling alt-pop singer-songwriter, poet, arranger, and producer is like stepping into a time machine, with some seriously classic sounds, taking immersing you in the nostalgia of the ’70s and ’80s. The Other Side’s lush soundscapes, effortlessly traverse the realms of Americana, alt-folk, and pop.

It’s undeniable that Sage’s musical skills are seriously impressive, and she has a knack for attracting the best talent around. Howard Jones himself contributes guest vocals to the record, creating a harmonious blend of their distinctive voices.

Sage’s artistic collaborations extend even further, with contributions from talented musicians like Jack Petruzzelli (known for his work with Patti Smith), Russ Johnson (Elvis Costello), and James Mastro (Ian Hunter).

What makes The Other Side a truly unique listening experience are the carefully selected covers that Sage has included in the tracklist. From the iconic Only You by Yazoo to the lesser-known gems Breathe by Maria McKee and Forgive Me This by Danielle’s Mouth, Sage infuses her personal touch into each rendition. These covers seamlessly blend with her original compositions, creating a tapestry of music that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

The album’s title track, The Other Side, captures everything from opposing viewpoints to the everyday act of breathing. Rachael Sage skillfully incorporates these ideas into her music, delving into themes like relationships, love, sickness, and optimism.

Meanwhile lead single from the album, the Americana-inspired Whistle Blow, is a powerful testament to Sage’s ability to address important social issues through her music.

The Other Side, is a true showcase of Rachael Sage’s amazing talent to create music that will hit you right in the feels. Every song takes you on is a mesmerizing and emotional ride that’s both stunningly beautiful and incredibly moving.

As we listen to The Other Side, we not only hear the music but also the echoes of Rachael Sage‘s soul and her fight to survive and thrive. Her voice and songs inspire us to climb and conquer our own mountains, to find hopefulness in the midst of life’s challenges, and to embrace the beauty that exists on The Other Side.