David Ford is hitting the road again and he is taking himself and his characters for another walk along the line between, elation and despair, pain and gain.

“When I started making records,” David Ford grins, “I said I wanted to them to be emotionally fraught processes, like I’d survived a war. Now I can safely say, I want to make a really easy one!” And he grins again. Or was that a grimace?

“My first album was basically bedroom demos with ideas way above their station,” he says. “This one sounds more like a record.”

“I don’t like long records,” says David. “It’s the same with live shows; I don’t like anyone playing for over an hour. I always want my records to be looked at as a complete body of work, with a beginning and an end and movement between, like you’ve experienced a journey.”

There is one last, but very salient, point. If the listener experiences a journey, as does David, sometimes those trips are the same, and sometimes they’re quite different. He’s a storyteller too, which is a side to his work that’s been much less publicised. “A lot of the time, I get accused of writing very personal songs and laying my heart bare, when in actual fact, it’s not always me. I’d hate to think I was as whiny as the character of these songs! If I only wrote about me, I’d probably end up with a massive spew of clichés, which would be massively uninteresting, so sometimes you have to empathize, to put yourself in another’s position.”


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