EVEY Is Here To Speak Up!

By Monibell

Sometimes less is more. In this case, all it took was drums, guitar, bass, and a killer upfront female vocal to make one of the most kick-ass debut releases of 2021! Evey is a 20-year-old musician and songwriter from Copenhagen and her debut single is the alternative pop song Nothing – about to make your feet tap to the rocking beat while Evey’s voice and words go deep beneath your skin. 

“I wrote Nothing at a time in my life where I felt completely alone and detached from everyone around me. I was desperate for someone to guide me but in the end, I realized that change had to come from within myself. I really hope it will inspire others, who may be going through a hard time, to find the courage to set yourself free and ‘figure yourself out” Evey says.

According to Evey herself, she is inspired by such different artists like Patti Smith, Alanis Morrissette, and Taylor Swift – women in music, who have used the power of their voices to question the time they live in – not to mention themselves. And there’s no doubt, Evey’s here to speak up with a voice of her own!