Everything You Need To Know About Advertising For Hotels

Are you struggling to bring business to your hotel and don't know what to do? Learn more about advertising for hotels here.
27 July 2021

By Vanessa B

The First World Hotel in Malaysia is the largest in the world, with 7,351 rooms. 

Other large hotels you’ve probably heard of include The Venetian and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Because these hotels are so large and well-known, marketing comes a bit easier for them. 

If you’re a new or smaller hotel, you might be struggling with bringing in business. There’s no need to worry because there are plenty of quick ways you can improve your marketing.

Below is a guide on advertising for hotels. Keep reading, and get your ‘No Vacancy’ sign ready to go. 

Register on Multiple Platforms 

Besides just seeing your hotel in a Google search, focus a portion of your digital marketing strategy on platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. Visitors will be searching these platforms for good deals, so make sure they see your name. 

Guarantee you’re using high-quality photos in your listings and make a detailed list of all the amenities guests would have access to during their stay. Don’t forget to add great bonuses, such as a free breakfast. 

Invest in Digital Marketing Services 

Are you not sure how to use hotel internet marketing for your benefit? Invest in a marketing company to help. 

Trained professionals can help with SEO, content creation, and many other digital marketing services. They’ll work with you and your brand to create content that captures your intended audience. 

Paying a digital marketing company is a costly investment at first, but you’ll notice a great return. They’ll help book your rooms in no time. 

Take Advantage of Social Media

Many young travelers jump straight to social media when planning a trip. They’re looking up hashtags and locations to plan their itinerary.

Form a content creation team at your hotel to take photos, research hashtags, and create exciting captions. Frame your hotel in a way that’s appealing to out-of-city guests. Show visitors the benefits they’ll experience by staying with you.

Schedule consistent Instagram posts showing off your beautiful rooms. Set up a Facebook business page that people can follow. Develop creative TikTok ideas to show off your friendly staff and amazing amenities. 

Use incentives to draw in people. For example, offer a free glass of champagne at dinner if people use your hotel’s unique hashtag. You’d be surprised how many people will find you from something so simple. 

Advertising for Hotels Made Simple

You’ll be relieved to know advertising for hotels doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With the right tools and team, you’ll be booking dozens of rooms soon.

Advertise your hotels on platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. Hire a digital marketing team to aid in creating content that boosts your visibility on search engine algorithms. Use social media to create unique ads. 

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