Ethereal New Pop Single, STILL YOURS From ALEXA KISHNER


New York based singer-songwriter Alexa Kishner has dropped her newest pop offering today, Still Yours. The delicate and charming new single boasts an enchanting soundscape and exquisite vocals throughout. Setting the bar even higher yet again, Kishner’s storytelling abilities shine through this new track with every line containing a world of emotions. 

When asking about the inspiration behind Still Yours, Kishner shared: Still Yours paints the picture of a past relationship that you think you’re over until your subconscious uncontrollably leaves you dreaming about that someone who used to be a huge part of your life.” Expanding further she reiterated, “I think it’s okay to be over someone and still think about the impact they’ve had on you.”

Achieving much in her short career, Alexa Kishner has won not one, but two awards for her music; an American Songwriting Award and a Music City Songstar Award. Going from strength to strength, Still Yours marks a new beginning for Alexa’s musical direction with her solidifying her unique sound even more so than from her previous release of late 2020, Hopelessly. At only 22 this emerging artist has already achieved great reception for her previous releases, and with even more to come this year we are perched on the edge of our seats to see what is next for Alexa Kishner.