By Vasco Dega

London based singer-songwriter Etaoin has revealed her second song, the heart-rending new single Pale Damp Cheeks. The acoustic track comes after the immense success of her debut, Bedroom Walls.

Utilising a finger-picked bottom layer to showcase Etaoin’s musical talent, the singer’s unique voice helps to flood the song with passion and emotion, mixing instrumental delicacy with vocal power. Evoking strong feelings of loneliness and a need for healing on the impassioned Tracy Chapman-esque track, Etaoin strikes a chord with listeners through her melancholic lyrics and knack for soft pop melodies.

The songs’ roots are washed with personal experience, with Etaoin remembering how “It was winter time, a few days after a boy told me ‘I like you, but I like her more than you.’ And I just sat there feeling so angry at the whole situation. The heating had gone in my house, all the lights were out. There was no one home and I was sitting with my back against the radiator.”

Having grown up between London and Ireland, Etaoin’s talent for music was discovered early on, competing since age 6. Her musical journey so far has uncovered an obsession for radio-pop, leading to her desire to craft her own tunes now on Pale Damp Cheeks.