By Vee D

With a debut song born from a moment of heartbreak, singer-songwriter Etaoin’s first track, the stripped back Bedroom Walls  leaves nothing to the imagination, combining her knack for catchy pop melodies with her starkly personal lyrics.

Opening with a beautifully fingerpicked guitar riff, Etaoin’s powerful voice compliments the songs message, as her fearless lyrics tackle the grief seen after a soul-crushing moment. “I’ve been talking to my Bedroom Walls” sings Etaoin, who relates this moment of sadness in the songs title to the feeling of being lost and sticks to her memo of not forcing lyrics to be pretty, instead focusing on emotion.

“I want my music to be that voice through your headphones when you can’t really talk to your friends about it; a reminder that even though it might be 3am in your bedroom and your whole house is quiet, you’re never truly alone.” Says Etaoin, “I’ve never wanted to be that ‘sit down, shut up and look cute’ singer-songwriter girl. I want to speak loudly without fear.”

Growing up between London and Ireland, Etaoin has been enamoured with music since she was a child, especially radio pop. Competing in music since age 6, she clearly is ready to show her talent to the industry with Bedroom Walls being the first in a forthcoming EP later this year.