ESTRONS appear to be a band on everyone’s lips at the moment. With the success of their track ‘Make a Man’ released earlier in the Autumn, they drew deserved plaudits – the buzz was definitely building. Now with the release of their debut EP ‘Whoever She Was…’ they will look to capitalize on it.

The only thing is that while ‘Make a Man’ is undoubtedly a great song, the rest of the EP doesn’t quite make it to the same heights.

Aliens is another good song, a slower more measured pace to it but the same powerful sound. Taliesyn Källström cries out the hook “Ever so Alien” with incredible intensity her voice working nicely with Rhodri Daniel’s guitar.

The outro of the song takes everything up a gear but for me is a little too similar to their hit.

The group display their strong Welsh identity in Ysbrydoli sung entirely in their native tongue, well I say native, but Källström has a Swedish and Canadian background (which makes singing in her adopted language all the more impressive).

Finally the record is rounded off with ‘I (Don’t) Want You’ another empowering song but one that feels like it never really gets going.

And all in all that’s kind of how the EP feels – that other than the barnstorming ‘Make a Man’ there is just that last little bit of magic missing from the other tunes on the record. I’m sure as a band they will be capable of producing more, but being at the tipping point they are the next 6 months to a year is the point when they have to step up to the plate and really take this opportunity in front of them.

Good luck to them, music in this country needs more bands like them!

‘Whoever she was…’ is out now via Gofod Records Ltd.

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