EST WST’s debut collection at NY NOW

Sustainable and socially focused brand EST WST, co-founded by brother and sister Jhana and Arya Crayton will soon be presenting their much anticipated debut collection at NY NOW. Nominated for the Innovation Showcase, it joins the exclusive ranks of emerging brands which can be viewed by invitation only.

The collection features a fascinating textile production method and composition that is sustainable and ethical, in fact, so sustainable in its natural characteristics and artisanal production that it has been named “The World’s Most Sustainable Textile” by TreeHugger.

Three textiles are used which are woven from natural fibres unique to South Asia, with the Himalayan Nettle grown exclusively in the mountains of Nepal and India. From the inital stage of harvesting the plant fibre to the final finishing stages, the ecological textiles are manufactured entirely by hand in villages across Nepal, without the use of electricity.

Also on offer from EST WST is a collection of handwoven organic cotton denim available in three shades. The cotton fibre is grown in The organic cotton is grown in Tamil Nadu, just miles from where the textile is woven. Tying in with the local textile heritage EST WST uses the same organic cotton yarn in a handwoven ikat that has been woven for hundreds of years in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, as part of their efforts to help preserve the culture and craft of the rural people who weave their fabrics.

Having spent the last four years researching sustainable materials, Jhana and Arya have lived between Nepal and India for three years working side-by-side with their artisan partners. Jhana, EST WST’s CEO, gives us a glimpse into the considerable time and development involved in the cultivation of their their unique business model: “We knew our supply chain would require additional R&D to meet demand, but we didn’t realize exactly what we were getting ourselves into nor how long it would take before we were ready to go to market. We needed to be very careful not to jump into manufacturing until our artisan partners were ready. We needed to be confident in our ability to meet demand and manage quality control expectations prior to sharing our project with the world.”

The brand is committed to using green materials including certified organic cotton, hemp, stinging nettle, and waterproof lining made from recycled plastics in order to lower their carbon footprint.

Visit booth 636 of the Handmade Global Design: Innovation Showcase from August 19-22 to check out this up-and-coming brand before their limited quantities sell out.

Secure your appointment time by contacting them through their homepage

By Fiona Feeney ©FM

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