Eri Ife. Bridging musical Worlds with his EP ‘Centre(d)’

"At the centre of who I am is love, faith and friendship. It's joy, it's fun and it's hopeful. Centred is how I feel"
6 March 2024

Originating from Ibadan, Nigeria, and now residing in the UK, Eri Ife’s fusion of Nigerian roots and British influences creates a distinctive sound that defies categorization. ​N​ow the rising star in the UK music scene, takes listeners on a transcendent journey with his latest EP, Centre(d)

Drawing from his rich heritage of traditional drummers, Eri Ife intricately weaves together ancestral rhythms with personal narratives, producing tracks that resonate across cultural boundaries.​ Inspired by the likes of Adekunle Gold and Asa, Centre(d) resonates with a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation, embodying Eri Ife’s ​s​ound.

Photo by Bolade Olawoye

Reflecting on the essence of Centre(d), Eri Ife shares, “The EP is a reflection of both who I have become now and where I am right now. At the centre of who I am is love, faith and friendship. It’s joy, it’s fun and it’s hopeful. Centred is how I feel. Choosing now to launch out again as a full-time artist is a terrifying thing, but I know where my roots, faith and hopes lie. And that keeps me centred.”

​Each song ​of his five tracks​ EP encapsulate a unique aspect of his ​musical experience. Centre(d) encapsulates Eri Ife’s commitment to authentic music, blending soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. With its captivating sound and storytelling, the EP cements Ife’s status as a rising star.

Motivating listeners to explore their self-discovery, Centre(d) showcases Ife’s artistry and vision, available on all platforms for an unforgettable musical experience, stands as a testament to his artistry and vision.