By JJ Disco

Los Angeles electro-house duo Epikker has been making waves since the release of their 2020 debut single Revolution. Epikker is composed of producers, Suniel Fox and esteemed industry innovator and technologist, Henry Strange. Together their eclectic talents create the perfect nostalgia-laden yet simultaneously forward-thinking electronic sound. 

A 300+ hour labor of love, Joyride powerfully showcases the dexterity and universal appeal of their catchy electro house sound. Best characterized by its complex synth work and hypnotizing rhythms, Epikker takes listeners on a sonic “joyride” that lives up to its name.

The dynamic duo explain: “Joyride was a monumental achievement for us because it vastly explored our two very different approaches to music and somehow when it was done, nothing had ever felt so much like home. We must’ve spent 2-300 hours tweaking, cutting and editing to create the sound you hear, and in that regard it both defined what to do and what not to do. Joyride taught us how to ride that wave between Mood and Enthusiasm and how just the right amount of each brings up this kind of unparalleled emotion, which to this day. I can only describe it as Bliss.”

Joyride is out now on Microdose Records. Already garnering more than 500,000 streams since coming onto the scene strong last year, it’ll be exciting to see what Epikker dreams up next. 




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