EP Review: Humphrey Miles

UK Singer-songwriter Humphrey Miles has been on the receiving end of some major press coverage recently and is fast becoming a mainstay on national radio stations playlists.

This his debt EP is a nice throwback to the early recordings of such acts as Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Feeder thrown in for good measure.

Each track has a fresh yet familiar feel to it, which of course helps when listening to an act you have never heard before.
Miles music is catchy, piano/guitar led in style and as evident in this debut release this is a performer who has worked very hard to achieve the place he now has in the music industry.

If you need any other hints to give this release a listen here you go, Miles has already played support to The Magic Number, Snow Patrol, Amy Winehouse and a brief collaboration with dance act Chicane (check out their track Come Tomorrow).