ENTITY releases an emotional EP called ‘4 years & a Hangover’

"My EP tells a story about a drug addiction that I struggled with in my college years"
15 May 2023

Natalie Diaz, hailing from Connecticut, is a multi-talented as a singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and DJ – all under her alias ENTITY.

She is back with her new EP called 4 years & a hangover. It’s an emotional journey through her teenage years in NYC.

4 Years and a Hangover is based on real-life tribulations and the experiences of partying and substance abuse that the artist went through at NYU. It serves as a form of therapy to cope with the dark things she faced during those years.

This new EP speaks to her personal journey with addiction and recovery, taking listeners on a powerful ride of vulnerability, self-exploration, and loneliness. It sets out to tell the story of how she overcame her struggles.

She discussed the new release…: “My EP tells a story about a drug addiction that I struggled with in my college years. It is basically real-life diary entries that I took from my journals and created lyrics to enhance the dark, dance, party beats that I produced. The project is organised by the highs and lows of drug use. The upbeat and energetic songs are in the beginning where the slower, more chill songs are at the end, showing my journey of sadness, loneliness and empty voids, leading to recovery, sobriety and inner peace. It’s a very vulnerable project, but I am all about authenticity and want my music to relate to others who have gone through/going through the exact same thing.”

ENTITY wants to lift people up with her tunes and help them tackle any difficulties they’re dealing with. She hopes her music offering,her incredible singing, heartfelt lyrics and beats combined with some underground vibes,vwill motivate and inspire folks.

When she was 5, Natalie Diaz began exploring music as a way to express herself. After that, she was passionate about mastering various instruments like clarinet, guitar and piano.

As a DJ, she makes waves for her deep house beats and bass lines which really thrill the crowd. ENTITY impressed listeners with her wide range of recently released tracks, such as the highly acclaimed EP Visions In Black in 2021.

The new EP 4 years & a hangover’, demonstrates once again that ENTITY is totally devoted to her music – it’s become her passion, a life-saver and an escape.