By Frank Bell

London & Monaco-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Rosse’s mission is to glamourize the world of music, which can be seen in her electric new single, Raise A Toast. The first track to be lifted from her upcoming EP, Charlotte’s latest power-pop song is sure to grab attention spans.

With an operatic background on full display, Raise A Toast is a canvas for Charlotte Rosse’s own flavored Streisand-esque vocal belts. The visuals go further too, with pink wigs, tiaras, champagne glasses, and flashy rings, the self-directed music video is eye-popping from start to finish, all while complementing the singing and performing talents that are front and center.

“An anthem for loneliness.” Reveals the artist, as the track is very much about Charlotte’s past and personal experiences. “I led a very lonely life when I first moved to London. I was working full-time as a receptionist while studying songwriting at university and I found myself starting to get heartless. I could only count on myself, and I was becoming calculating, including with my heart. I thought I’d always be alone and that I wouldn’t want to commit to a relationship.”

Raise A Toast is another step on a long and important narrative for the singer. Having studied opera at Academy of Music in Łódź, Charlotte fled from the mental abuse of a teacher before reaching London, where she is now able to pursue her passion for contemporary pop music.