ENKAY Keeps Building With UNEMPLOYED

Hailing from Oregon, Enkay’s career has fiercely risen due to his knack for relatable hip-hop lyrics and world-beating beats. Enkay has returned with a typically smart and sobering release titled Unemployed, in which the narrative is spun around the current jobs crisis in the US around Covid-19. Shedding light on Trump’s blunders and unpredictability from lysol to stimulus checks, Enkay points to the real issues behind the theatrics.  

Discussing his latest release, Enkay explains: “I’ve got numerous friends and family members that are struggling right now due to unemployment. I filed for it myself and got denied, leaving us with virtually no income. There’s millions of people in the exact same boat right now and that’s not okay. Something needs to be done.”

Enkay is set to release a new single later this month, a release that is described as an “experienced loss and heartbreak”. We can’t wait to hear Enkay’s poignant new record, but for now, make sure unemployed is in your playlists.