Top Five Best Music Listening Services

Streaming music has become the best way for music lovers to listen to their favorite music. According to custom essays, streaming services enable people to enjoy music wherever they are so long as they have access to the internet. Today, there is numerous music streaming services in the market. The companies offer standard free and paid music packages, which makes it impossible to pick one over the other. However, here are the best music listening services.


If you are a music lover who likes listening to plenty of music by using different devices, then Spotify is the best streaming music service for you. The service offers both free and premium packages. It enables you to stream songs whenever you want for free, by using your desktop or internet applications, as well as, listen to several playlists and stations on your Smartphone. 

If you choose the premium package, it will cost you ten dollars every month or fifteen dollars for six family members. Despite it not offering live radio or informative DJs, the service, according to Consumer Reports, is one of the best online music services. It has a library of over 35million songs in different playlists; it is well organized based on genres making it easy to find specific music while also offering streaming services for television.If you do not mind advertisements, this is the service for you. 


With a score of eighty-seven out of one hundred, Deezer is among the best music streaming services. If you have children or a big family that enjoys music, this service is definitely for you. It not only offers you a library of over fifty-three million songs of both old and new music, but it also allows you to block music with explicit content and lyrics to protect your child.

The excellent service enables you to listen to live radio, podcasts and allows you to download music to your desktop. Also, it offers you personalized playlists based on the music you love for free. If you want to subscribe for the premium package, all you have to pay is nine dollars per month. Despite not having some fun features such as access to the latest albums of your favorite musicals and listening to music when offline; it provides you with a burst of music that you cannot resist.


If you are looking for a service with one of the most diverse independent libraries on the internet, SoundCloud is the streaming music service for you. It allows independent creators, also referred to as indie from across the world to upload their music, making it a library of over 100 million songs. Therefore, according to Digital Trends if when it comes to music, you prefer discovering different songs, then this service is for you. 

For free with advertisements, you get to enjoy access to over one hundred and twenty million tracks. Premium subscription will cost you five dollars a month with ads, and you get to enjoy millions of songs or ten dollars for added music plus over 30 million major label music.

The service boasts of creativity and a user base of millions of people, which assures you of fresh, creative music that you will enjoy. Do you like sifting through millions of music to find the next best track? Well, this service is for you.

 Apple Music

If you love a clear and uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, as well as all things, Apple, then Apple Music should be your choice for a music service. Apple service integrates over fifty million songs from the iTunes library, giving you a wide range of songs to enjoy. With 10 dollars monthly, you get to enjoy this package, a family of six enjoys the service for15 dollars while a student enjoys it for 5 dollars. 

The Apple service is ideal for you as it enables all Apple products to access the music by simply asking Siri to search for a particular song or playlist. It also gives you access to Beats 1 radio station, which features famous DJs and celebrities. Another bonus according to a fast resume writing service is enabling you to enjoy music from the biggest names in the industry and exclusive early releases from some artists such as Drake.

Google play music

Google Play Music as well is among the most exceptional music applications. For consistent Google users and individuals who want to stream audio files, this service is for you. It offers an enormous collection of over 30 million songs and gives you access to YouTube videos with no ads. It is quite cheap as if you choose the paid version; it costs you only nine dollars every month, making it one of the best music streaming services.

Also, it has a handy music locker with fewest restrictions when compared to other services. The few limits enable you to upload over 100,000 audio files with ease. 

Another attribute that makes it prominent is well-curated radio stations, which plays unlimited music that is updated over and over again. So, if you are looking for a service that integrates Millions of playlists, YouTube and YouTube red among other unique features, then Google Play Music is the service for you. 


The sale of physical music has plummeted over the years, giving way to the rise of various music listening services. Would you love a soundtrack to help you enjoy your day but have no idea which streaming service to choose? Well, according to WriteMyEssayForMe, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music and Google Play Music are the top five best music listening services. Whichever you select, you have an assurance of enjoying your time and getting access to a wide range of music.

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