Gigaset3It can be surprising how the most efficient and logical devices, like smoke alarms for example, struggle to find their way to all households.

When it comes to more energy saving gadgets, there is a growing competition so it can be relatively easy for the average European household to change their attitudes and work towards a reduction in energy consumption.

Where to begin
When taking a look at the technical things which are used the most in a household, analyse the big things. Heating, lighting, and objects that are constantly connected to a power outlet like the computer and television. Such devices when turned off when not in use can really make a difference to reducing energy consumption at home.

Landline Phones
When having to make a call, try and do it over a landline then over a mobile.

At home there is fortunately the alternative of calling via landline, which not only saves some users a lot of money but also provides the caller with the possibility of choosing energy-friendly phones that are more efficient with their power usage. Gigaset2There are many different models of advanced eco cordless phones on the Gigaset site. Especially nowadays this is an important feature that should be considered whenever a new phone is needed.

It is not only a good idea because for your power bill costs but because of the sheer quality of the phone itself.Gigaset4Using the computer and internet
Many people tend to leave their home PCs running all day as it has become a prominent device around the home.

Just like your television set, turning it off at the wall when it is not in use can save a few pennies in the long run. It is almost self-explanatory that it should be switched off over night and turned on again, when having to use it.