‘Empath,’ Lance Rodriguez’s debut album, is sure to catch your attention

With nine electrifying tracks, he fearlessly exposes his deepest thoughts and feelings, delving into the complexity of themes like love, romance, sex, vulnerability, transparency, and nostalgia.
21 July 2023

Lance Rodriguez is a US singer-songwriter who has gained recognition for his highly personal tracks that blend acoustic, pop, and soul elements, creating a fresh pop sound that is emotive and diverse. His debut album, Empath, follows his 2022 debut EP Dark Light and showcases his growth as a songwriter.

11Eleven is a standout track on the album, and it shows the determination of the artist to motivate listeners to pursue their dreams.

11Eleven is truly stunning with beautiful piano melodies and acoustic guitar lines that create a calming ambiance. It’s the perfect backdrop for Lance Rodriguez’s inspiring message.

According to Lance, 11Eleven is an anthem to tell my audience it’s perfectly okay to be scared but to go out and pursue your dreams, get started on your 11:11 wish, without fear of failure.”

Lance Rodriguez‘s music is like a delicious blend of acoustic, pop, and soul vibes. It’s got that fresh and diverse pop sound that really hits you in the feels and keeps you captivated.

With its nine elating tracks, Empath is a fearless display of his deepest thoughts and feelings, exploring the complexity of themes such as love, romance, sex, vulnerability, transparency, and nostalgia.

Rodriguez‘s enchanting musical journey embarked amidst the sacred walls of a vibrant California church. It was within this hallowed sanctuary that he first discovered the profound and soul-stirring force that music possesses.

His personal journey has had a huge impact on his songwriting. His tracks are all about inspiring and creating a strong connection with his listeners. He wants to touch them on a deep level and leave a lasting impression.

His ability to write music with a meaningful message has resonated with listeners, as evidenced by recently selling out his biggest show to date at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego.

Get hyped, because Lance Rodriguez is about to blow everyone away with his new release Empath.