Emollient shares the optimism of ‘Back to Life’

“It was a way to lift my spirit and get out of the depression by doing this song.”
3 March 2023

Emollient, from Sweden, is a really cool artist who integrates different genres such as alternative rock, pop, rock and electronic music into something engaging and catchy..

He’s out with his latest single, Back to Life, which is super upbeat and optimistic. Although Emollient was feeling blue when making this track, he says that crafting it lifted his spirits: “It was a way to lift my spirit and get out of the depression by doing this song.”

With its great blend of organic and electronic elements, Back to Life has a surprising atmosphere thanks to the catchy vocals, guitars and synths.

The artist, songwriter, and producer explains: Back to Life is about pushing forward no matter what, think positive thoughts and just be who you are meant to be. The song is about being back as an artist, back to life and just having a good time feeling fine!”

To create his sound, Emollient draws from iconic artists and producers such as Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, Muse, The Killers, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. He also take influence from modern hit-makers like Max Martin, The Weeknd and Coldplay.

Emollient is ecstatic to once again be living his life as a music lover. This year he’s going all out and aiming to reach new fans, try out new possibilities and get back on stage. Since 2021, he released about a dozen songs and Back to Life is his first for 2023.

Photo by Alexander Tobias Orest