Emma Miller Drops Stunning 5-Track Record SET ME DOWN

By Moni Bell

Delivering a series of folk-tinged releases over the last several months, Emma Miller’s artistry skillfully combines the artistic worlds of alternative singer-songwriter and contemporary folk. Her latest release marks a significant moment in her artistic career as she delivers her debut EP Set Me Down. A stunning 5-track record, the EP reflects upon themes of relationships, heartbreak and letting go – heralding a new chapter for Emma and her music. 

With gentle and enchanting melodies, the EP delivers a delicate array of vibrant folk-based soundscapes, showcasing her melodic and captivating vocal cadences. Drawing upon open and candid narratives, the EP is an honest portrayal of Emma’s disillusionment with the music industry.

Alongside the project, Emma also delivered the feature single of the same name – Set Me Down. Introducing the track is a poignant and stunningly beautiful piano ballad that instantly immerses you into the emotive and fragile sonic landscape. Taking the listener on a journey to calming vistas of pastoral bliss, the EP can be seen as a reflection of Emma’s own journey as she departed London to head back to her home in the North East of Scotland. 

Talking about the poignant and captivating single, Emma explains: “I wrote this song nearly two years ago when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the music industry and all that that entails. Set Me Down has quite a literal meaning really, I wanted to be wrapped up in cotton wool and gently set down, away from the franticness of London. Funnily enough, a year later that’s just what happened. I left London, dropped the pretence of my music having to pay the bills and came back home to the north east of Scotland. Listening to the song now, it’s like hearing a small piece of my life being played out, things have come full circle in a way and I get a strong sense of peace from that.”

Emma’s debut project is a creative catharsis – highlighting her skillful songwriting and immense artistic talent.