By Moni Bell

British singer-songwriter Emma McGrath is completing her trilogy of EPs with Settled In Motion (Silent Minds, Pt. 3), beginning with a delicately intense new piano ballad on the new single Getaway Train.

A heart-rending showcase of McGrath’s powerful falsetto range that flips back and forth between wispy and full force, the descending concert piano riff suits the vocals perfectly. By encapsulating the feeling of isolation on this single, Emma shows one of the softer sides of her writing compared to the more guitar driven tracks on her last two EPs.

Getaway Train documents the path of following your passion, and how it can end in solitude. Speaking about the direction the single took, Emma Said “This is probably the oldest song from this EP, and it takes me back to the time where I was feeling like music was always in the way of everything else in life. I wrote and recorded the song after an argument with my mum. We ended up using the original demo vocals and arrangement which felt really nice.”

Emma McGrath initially hit the scene by winning the PRS Lynsey de Paul award for songwriting at age 15, before going onto to releasing the first two EPs in this trilogy. Now hitting over 70,000 monthly listeners, the upcoming Settled In Motion (Silent Minds, Pt. 3) looks to bring her to new heights.