EMMA McGRATH Releases Spine-Tingling New Single SAY SOMETHING

By Frank Bell

Singer/songwriter Emma McGrath has revealed the first song to be taken from her forthcoming new EP in the form of the emotional new single Say Something, via Young Poet Records.

Beginning with Emma’s emotionally charged vocal and a piano refrain, the track beautifully builds to an uplifting chorus, full with layers of powerful and affirmative choral harmonies.

Say Something is about the frustration in not being able to say what’s on your mind. Not being able to tell someone how you’re feeling or what you want” explains Emma. “But maybe there is no point saying how you feel. I find that often the people that understand are the people who already know. Maybe the person you’re chasing will never see or understand you. No matter how many times you dream about it.”

The forthcoming new EP will be the third in a series of thematically connected collections of songs. It follows Keep Your Eyes Open (Silent Minds Pt. II), which was released in January this year to critical acclaim.
Earlier this year, on March 12 when the world was entering lockdown, Emma performed a headline show at London’s The Grace.

Despite the impending restrictions, and the general desertedness of the city that day, the venue was full to capacity. It was the last gig most of the audience would see this year, but that’s not the only reason it has left such a lasting impression. Emma’s unique performance transitioned from soaring anthemic moments to spine-tingling intimacy, blended with the sardonic wit of her pre-song introductions – she did this with the accomplished grace of a performer well beyond her 20 years.

This same sentiment is clearly reflected in her songwriting, which has always been known to display immense maturity and accomplishment, but if Say Something is anything to go by, it’ll be even more apparent on this new set of songs!