US Artist EMILYA Unveils Captivating New Single EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT

By Vee D

Rising artist Emilya has debuted her breathtaking new single, Emotionally Bankrupt, her third official release. The mesmerizing R&B/soul ballad is stunning from start to finish and will surely draw in a lot of new fans for the Dallas native. The track does a fine job of highlighting Emilya’s attributes as not just a gifted vocalist but also a talented songwriter, with her impassioned vocals merging with her candid lyricism to create something truly special.

The track hears Emilya open up about depression and anxiety. Elaborating further, Emilya says: “Emotionally Bankrupt is an attempt to describe the deep feelings of depression and anxiety that so many people face today – something that is often hard to put into words. I wanted to turn something so dark into something used for beauty and used for good through the power of music, allowing anyone and everyone to find a piece of themselves in the story of the song and realize that they are never alone in their battles.”

Already putting out such quality, heartfelt music so early on in her career, it’s clear Emilya has a glittering future ahead of her and so is most definitely an artist to watch out for. And there’ll be more new music from Emilya this year too, so there’s plenty to look forward to, and we’re already eagerly anticipating what she does next. Emotionally Bankrupt is out now to buy/stream on all platforms.