Emily Magpie’s ‘The Witching Hour’ | There are moments of intensity…

Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie has returned with her latest electronically eerie single ‘The Witching Hour’, out now and available to buy and stream in digital stores.

The track begins with an Imogen Heap-like hollering that swirls around your ears, captivating the imagination and charming you with its ambient textures and soft, gentle vocals. Emily’s vocal patterns, with the help of some intricate effects, intertwine and weave in and out of the song, creating an effervescent, atmospheric ambiance that engulfs everything in its path.

Although a majority of the track is calm and collective, there are moments of intensity that break through, showcasing Emily’s exuberant style, conveying the emotion and character behind the meaning of the track, as Emily states – “it’s a song about claiming your own power deep from within you”.

‘The Witching Hour’ by Emily Magpie is out now.