Emily Magpie | Transcendent dream-pop with hefty bass

Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie her forthcoming single ‘The Witching Hour’, an intriguing and intense ode to “feminine energy and power”, released on 26th May. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming EP, with help from Anuj Robin.

Hi Emily Magpie! How are you today?

Hello! I’m I’m a very excitable mood, about to fly to France for a week holiday with my friend… Looking forward to a lot of nature, chilling and cheese & wine, of course.

What’s your new single ‘The Witching Hour’ all about?

Its about embracing your own feminine energy and power. I wrote it after reading a book about the witch trials when I was travelling in South America, and was thinking a lot about the oppression of female energy, and taking back that space. They call the earth Pacha Mamma in Peru and I feel its an interesting parallel how we also aren’t respecting mother nature. And that imbalance needs to and is changing, there’s something in the air.

Describe your sound in five words:

Transcendent dream-pop with hefty bass.

Who are your biggest influences musically?

FKA Twigs, Tei Shi, Maggie Rogers, Lykke Li.

This single sounds quite different to your previous stuff, why did you decide to make a change?
Its just been a natural progression. Each track is me chasing and filling out a different feeling and getting it into something solid. There’s a lot more variation on The Witching Hour EP, I’m really growing as an artist and person.

What’s the music scene like in Bristol at the moment? Anyone you’d recommend?

Banging! I moved from London and find Bristol gives me so much more… Although I still love gigging in London. Bristol is experimental, open, supportive and varied. I put on a night at The Louisiana where Cure Kydd played and I love what he’s doing. He’s done a lot before but Cure Kydd is Sam’s brand new venture and it’s got a great sound, I’m excited to see where he goes with it.

Where’s been your favorite venue to perform?

I always love doing Sofar Sounds. I buzz off the intimate vibe and interaction. Playing Ronnie Scotts early in my career was bloody exciting. Also my night at The Louisiana cellar sold out and was a wonderful crowd! I’ll be putting on another later in the year.

You’ve recently got back from travelling in South America, what was that like?

It was exactly what I needed. A magical place and it really informed the direction I’m heading in. Met some incredible people out there and worked with a Grammy winning musician (Diego Ubierna) amongst others which was a very cool experience. I think I’ll always be travelling. France today!

Any live dates coming up?

29th May Blue Lagoon, Bristol
2nd June St James Wine Vaults, Bath- Get in the Tub night
10th June Home Farm Fest

Plus a few very exciting dates I’m waiting to be allowed to announce! Check out my Facebook, Insta and Twitter for updates, I always put up gigs, and always love to hear from people so say hello and if my music resonates with you it fascinates me to hear about it.