Immersed in enchanting harmony: Emily Jean Flack releases debut album ‘How You Love Me’

"I write songs to wrestle my own heart. I think we all need an outlet like that. A place you can go to work through your joys and sufferings"
27 October 2023

In her debut album release, How You Love Me, Emily Jean Flack reveals a rich music mosaic of emotion and meticulously honed songwriting, cementing her position as a distinct and captivating talent.

Seamlessly blending the enchanting realms of alternative-pop and traditional folk​, How You Love Me, transport​ us into a world where folk instrumentation dances effortlessly with pop production. 

Under the moniker EJF, Emily Jean Flack, in collaboration with Aaron Brown and Bradley Barnham (Family of Thing), has birthed an album that defies convention and captures the essence of her musical essence. The record emanates from the quaint town of Grimsby, Ontario, where the magic unfolded, giving birth to a harmonious fusion of diverse sounds.​ 

Flack reveals: “I had moved home to Canada. When it was time to record it was almost like starting from ground zero. I had heard of Brad and Aaron through a mutual friend and loved the music they had released previously. I thought that while our sounds were very different, they had a melodic sensibility that was close to mine and were very rhythm driven. I thought it was worth a shot to reach out! The rest is history. Looking back, I recognize how much I was craving to take some chances with my sound. The collaboration was perfect for me to be able to bring my roots into the indie-pop space. Talk about being terrified and liberated all at the same time!” 

The album’s heartbeat is found in the marriage of warming synths, electronic beats, pianos, and guitars, entwined with the ethereal sounds of fiddles, flute, whistles, and mandolin. Emily’s vocals serve as the guiding force, a celestial presence that elevates each track and allows the diverse instrumentation to weave seamlessly through the sonic tapestry.

Exploring themes of love, pain, and personal growth, the album is a testament to her ability to wrestle with her own heart through the medium of music.

Flack shares​: “This album was a labour of love. It was a project that took a life of its own and allowed me to push my own boundaries. The result was a surprise to even myself.​ This album is  filled with stories of love, pain and personal growth. I write songs to wrestle my own heart. I think we all need an outlet like that. A place you can go to work through your joys and sufferings. A place where you are required to be vulnerable. Music is that for me.

With roots deeply embedded in both Canada and Ireland, Emily’s musical journey, marked by an MA from the Irish World Academy, has earned her acclaim from Folk Radio UK, Hot Press, iHeart Radio, and CBC. Her live performances are nothing short of magical, having graced stages across the UK, US, Ireland, and Canada. From supporting renowned acts like Leahy, Léda, and Natalie MacMaster to enchanting audiences at prestigious festivals like Ottawa Bluesfest, Shetland Folk Festival, and Toronto Summer Music, Emily Jean Flack has carved a niche as a captivating live performer.

In this debut album, Emily Jean Flack has not only found her voice but has weaved a musical spell that leaves an indelible mark on the ears and hearts of those who dare to listen.