Emily Breeze Wields Axe In New Video For dystopian loungecore Single WORK

The video Emily Breeze’s latest single re-enacts the American Psycho Hip To Be Square scene with axe-wielding Emily taking the place of Patrick Bateman. The track sounds like a very cynical Mazzy Starr with a floaty feel and a pitch-black humour in the lyrics.

As the video comes to a close, the refrain I’m dead inside repeats amidst washed out guitar noise as we’re left with Emily covered in blood, her victim laid out on the floor.

It’s the kind of edgy dark pop that registers in the Nick Cave and Patti Smith arena. Emily describes her style as dystopian loungecore and ‘Work’ is certainly an intoxicating mix of off-kilter almost-sultry poetry and punky noise-rock trash.