Emilia Tarrant sparkles with the EP ‘When It Was Chaotic’

“All my Song writing is true from the heart and mind, a way of me escaping from the daily stresses of life”
22 March 2023

Emilia Tarrant, 20, just released her 5-track EP When It Was Chaotic via Summer Freckle Records, a sweet bunch of pop gems with earworm refrains, and a sonic atmosphere that will make all your feelings come alive.

Slow Emotion starts off with some chill, upbeat pop vibes and we’re instantly loving every bit of Emilia Tarrant’s sultry vocals. To conclude, her EP is the complex but catchy pop jewel When It Was Chaotic.

Will Hicks, who has been nominated for a Grammy and collaborated with Ed Sheeran, produced When It Was Chaotic. It’s an incredible production that resonates with listeners.

Tarrant mixes catchy rhythms and a gradually intensifying beat to support her stories, highlighting the struggles with mental health she faced and showing how it hindered her ability to write, despite the best of intentions. Her songs bring out a real mix of emotions, highlighting how sometimes it’s better to feel all the chaos rather than nothing at all.

Emilia Tarrant comments on When It Was Chaotic: I wrote the song in a period of my life when I had continuous writers block. At the time I was so  consumed by the chaos of my mental health, and on the other hand, how it continuously numbed my mind. As someone who writes songs based on how I feel, there is nothing worse than feeling numb and having nothing to write about…So ironically, I wrote a song about not being able to write songs! I  think a lot of people who struggle with mental health day to day can understand how feeling  something, even if it’s uncontrollable and endless, is better than feeling completely functionless. This  song really captures the direction of production and song writing I’m going for this year, and with help  from producer Will Hicks, we have developed it from a slow piano ballad into something much more energetic and exciting.

She states: “All my Song writing is true from the heart and mind, a way of me escaping from the daily stresses of life”.

When she was 12, Tarrant started playing the piano and hasn’t looked back since. Her music taste had roots in her parents’ record collection. Road trips with the family gave her exposure to sounds from Coldplay, Doves, Kings of Leon, Foals, Moby and Jack Johnson – all of which were key influences. She’s got lots of new music on her playlist now – from Griff, Tate McRae, Holly Humberstone to Arlo Parks and Sfven.

Catch her live performances – check out her upcoming tour dates!

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May 12th Fiddlers Elbow  

May 13th St Nicholas Church  

June 18th Roadtrip Bar  

July 23rd Smoked and Uncut Limewood 

August 28th Victorious Festival