EMIKA Reveals INSPIRATION DROP 1 From Her New Label

By Frank Bell

Electronic and neo-classical artist Emika recently launched a new label Improvisations X Inspirations. The label features artists that make music spanning electronic to classical, and are pioneering their own sounds. The mood of the label is deep and reflective with most of the compositions being recorded live in the studio, churches, or special locations. Emika wanted to provide a home to musicians who like to improvise and perform.

“In a few years when people listen to all the different music, I would love for it to sound like a mix of colourful dimensions and talented performers who have honed their craft and can truly amaze with their knowledge and understanding of the power of music.” She says.

To launch the label, she has revealed Inspiration Drop 1, a collection of 6 tracks from various artists. We’ve picked three of the tracks to showcase here on Fame Magazine, listen below.

First up is Emika’s own collaboration with friend and fellow musician Paul Frick. In Parallel III is a blend of pianos, synths, glitches and harmony.

Eomac has injected a new level of consciousness into beat making by recording water drips and drops. This edge of real life and water frequencies feels like opening a door in your mind and taking a rhythmic sound shower, finding tiny minimal melodies within the water itself. This has to be heard to be believed!

Sebastian is a Classical trained professional, he has devoted his whole life to mastering the violin and has created his own solo sound which feels like it belongs in a soundtrack from Blade Runner.