Emerging UK Rapper VIB Shares Passionate Debut Single ‘Light At Midnight’


Up-and-coming UK rapper VIB has arrived with his gripping debut single, Light At Midnight. Riveting, passionate and lyrically conscious, it’s a must-hear track and marks VIB out as an artist with a potentially huge future ahead.

VIB, who is also a medical student and a philanthropist with his own charity (Vib Save Children), uses his first release to invite listeners to get to know more about him and his passion to change the world and make a difference. Showcasing VIB’s elite lyricism and dynamic cadence, Light At Midnight arrives alongside equally impressive visuals. Speaking further on his debut release, VIB says, “I wrote Light At Midnight to try and encapsulate my life experiences and highlight how it has changed me as a person and the way I view life, people and the world.

“The song is meant to symbolize that life comes with struggle, hurt and intentional segregation; but if we were all to lead with compassion and love in life, there is always light in the darkness. It’s a story of my life and what I want to change in the world. The music video symbolizes the frustration in my mind and how it feels being stuck in a dark place. The injustices and things that are wrong in the world keep me up at night and have me thinking constantly about how I can change things.” Light At Midnight is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.




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